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This is a service to members of the Society who wish to find, sell or exchange items of electronic or amateur radio equipment. Non members are very welcome to make an offer.

The Society is not responsible for any advertisement placed here and all transactions which take place are the sole responsibility of the parties involved.

To place an advertisement send an email to Members Ads providing the following information;

  • A short description of the item wanted, for sale or possibly swap. A photo can be incorporated if provided.
  • The sale price or description of what might be expected in exchange
  • Contact details i.e. email, phone or "see me" at the next meeting

To respond to an advertisement please use the contact details specified for the item concerned. Double clicking on Contact Details which are highlighted in blue will enable you to send an email directly to the advertiser.

When giving contact details it should be kept in mind that potential buyers might not be club members.

Please advise Members Ads when an item is acquired or sold. Items will be automatically deleted from the list after 3 months unless you ask for them to remain listed.

Elecraft K3 and P3. The K3 is in good order, has the latest firmware installed and comes complete with the 100W PA, internal automatic ATU and the  2 meter internal transverter installed. List of filters etc available. Complete with Elecraft hand held microphone . The P3 with SVGA board is also in good order and has all the interconnecting cables for use with the K3.  £1800.  May swop for Icom  IC705 balance of £ difference to me.  Open to discussion. Chris G0PJX

FOR SALE SGC SG-500 HF Linear amplifier.

As new condition, never used, has just been checked out by Kent Rigs. Output 500W PEP, 500W CW (10 mins) Drive Power 50-90 Watts (150W Max) Automatic Band Switching Range 1.6-30Mhz Tx/Rx PTT or RF Sensing (Automatic) Tx/Rx Timing 10mS Protection Overdriving, Undervoltage, Out of Freq. Band, Current Imbalance, Overcurrent, Over Temperature and High VSWR.

Required Power Supply, 14V DC (10-18V Max.) 40A SSB, 90A peak CW. (Note, use of a switch mode Psu is not recommended ). The Amplifier is microprocessor controlled. Size, 5in High x 10.8in wide x 12in deep.

Link to Manual.

Price, £450.

  Any questions, please ring 01244 318117, Dave G4JMF.